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Regarding virtual assistant

On 13 June 2018 the Register of Enterprises opened the first virtual assistant of public administration in Latvia -UNA. Colleagues of the Register of Enterprises decided during the vote that the name of the virtual assistant will be UNA, explaining the name as the Entrepreneurs Future Support (Uzņēmēju Nākotnes Atbalsts). The virtual assistant provides written replies to the frequently asked questions regarding registration of a new subject, progress and liquidation of the submitted registration documents. The virtual assistant of the Register of Enterprises UNA is a customer oriented tool, available at any time of the day and night and using clear and understandable language for communication and at the same time business-like communication style. The virtual assistant UNA has been developed within the framework of the pilot project during seven months by the composition of five team members.


The Register of Enterprises, when implementing the project of the virtual assistant, makes the communication with the customer more available and friendly; customers do not have to attend the customer service centres in presence, saving their time and money, they do not have to wait for a conversation with the operator of the Register of Enterprises in the call centre, because replies to questions of customers are provided without delay. The virtual assistant of the Register of Enterprises provides a possibility also for employees of the institution to replace the technical routine work, enabling them to focus on the work of higher added value, which requires, for example, also emotional involvement that the virtual assistant cannot replace.


The virtual assistant UNA is available on the website www.ur.gov.lv, as well as through the Facebook Messenger application of the Register of Enterprises for 24/7h. It is important to indicate that the virtual assistant UNA can be conveniently used at any place, when smart devices are also used for search of information, because it operates in the responsive design.


During development of the virtual assistant the Register of Enterprises cooperated with the Latvian company Tilde, which is using artificial intelligence technologies in its work and being able to ensure operation of the virtual assistant in Latvian. Virtual assistant platform, neuron networks and natural language technologies were used for creation of the virtual assistant of the Register of Enterprises, ensuring that you may freely communicate with the virtual assistant, like with the employee of the Register of Enterprises. The image of the virtual assistant was created by the artist Marta Bērziņa, while the communicative description was developed by the agency Copywriter.

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Best national digital solution for international World Summits Awards in the category “Government & citizen engagement”.