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Details and payments

5. Refund of amounts paid incorrectly (overpaid)

To get the refund of an amount paid incorrectly (incorrect account no., etc) or an overpaid amount for the registration or a chargeable service, submit a relevant application to the Enterprise Register. The application must signed by the person who has made the payment. The application is signed on behalf of a legal person by the official having the representation rights. When the application is signed by an attorney (including an accountant, a secretary, etc.) a power of attorney must be attached to the application.

If you have received the decision of the State Notary of the Enterprise Register containing information on the excess amount of the state fee to be refunded, you can request the State Revenue Service to refund the excess amount of the state fee to your account on the basis of this decision. No additional application need to be submitted to the Enterprise Register in this case.

Application (LV)
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