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Document formats

The Register of Enterprises accepts electronic documents signed by secure electronic signature and time-stamp (all types of applications, data requests, registration documents on the registration of changes and amendments, annual accounts, etc.) in the following file formats:

  • in a simple text format;
  • in the Open Document Format (ODF) for office application software;
  • in the Office Open XML file format;
  • in the Portable Document Format (PDF) or Portable Document Format for long-term preservation (PDF/A) (Important! In order to ensure compatibility of the format, please use a current version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software for filling in and storage of PDF forms.);
  • in a digitally compressed and encrypted image (JPEG, TIFF and PNG) format.

In addition to the abovementioned file formats the following file formats are accepted as well:

  • for an executed text – DOC*, RTF;
  • for electronic tables – XLS*.

* MSOffice 2003 or older version.

Each document shall be separately electronically signed by secure electronic signature, which contains a time-stamp!

The overall allowed size of files attached to an electronic mail message may not exceed 12 megabytes.