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Application for registration

1. Summary

The e-service of the Register of Enterprises in the portal www.latvija.lv must be used for the electronic submission of the applications for registration.

Within the framework of the e-service it is possible to submit an application to the Register of Enterprises on the registration of a new merchant, undertaking, organization or agreement, as well as to apply changes (except for re-organization), insolvency, liquidation and agreement termination for registration.

Cases when another channel for submission is used:

  • If an e-service is not created for the submission of a respective type of the application. Detailed list with applications to be submitted using the e-service and exceptions.
  • If the application and the attached documents are signed by the e-signature issued by the foreign certified service provider (irrespective of the type of the application).
  • For the submission of documents with corrections for the repeated review (following the elimination of deficiencies indicated in the decision of the state notary on postponing the registration) – but only in the case if the initial documents were submitted using one of the channels for submission (by post, in presence, by e-mail) other than the e-service. If the initial documents were submitted in the e-service, the documents with corrections shall be submitted in the e-service as well.

In the referred cases of exceptions submission of an electronic document to the Register of Enterprises is possible using the official e-mail: info@ur.gov.lv.