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Application for registration

4. Contact details, user support

About technical problems during e-service request or problems with authentication Report to the Portal User Support Service by e-mail portals@vraa.gov.lv  oor by using the link available in the e-service request forms to notify the problem “Papildus opcijas”. The portal www.latvija.lv is maintained by the State Regional Development Agency.
Consultation on the use and support of the e-service “Registration in the Register of Enterprise Register” Contact the Register of Enterprises Technical Support:
Phone: 67804999 (consultation time: from 8:30 until 17:00)
E-mail: ur.epak@tna.lv
The user's name, surname, date and time of the incident, the Internet browser used must be provided when reporting a problem with the use of the e-service.
Information regarding the documents to be submitted, amount of state fee, time limits Call the Register of Enterprises information phone 67031703 or write to the official e-mail: info@ur.gov.lv.