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Getting notified of changes

1. Summary

E-service “Notifications of changes applied to the Enterprise Register” features e-mail notifications regarding an application for changes in the registration file of a legal entity entered in the Enterprise Register registers. E-service provides an opportunity for members and officials of a company and other interested persons to get informative emails regarding an application for changes, thus helping to prevent illegal actions even before the change are registered with the Enterprise Register. 

  • Free-of-charge

About e-service:

  • Subscribe for the e-service online website
  • You can get notifications on entities form the following registers: Commercial Register; Enterprise Register; Register of Associations and Foundations; Register of Political Parties; Registers of Religious Organisations and Institutions Thereof; Register of Mass Media; Register of Representative Offices; Register of European Economic Interest Groupings;Register of Arbitration Courts.
  • Any natural and legal person can use the e-service
  • Subscribe to effective entities that have not been removed from the Enterprise Register
  • Subscribe to unlimited number or entities, you can subscribe to notifications regarding several entities.