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Online information on an information website

The information website of the Register of Enterprises holds current and historical information on legal entity officers, shareholders, beneficial owners, interests in other companies, collateral, commercial pledges, insolvency, etc. In regard to a natural person, it is possible to obtain information on registered matrimonial property agreements, membership in companies etc.

Before using the service, please read the terms of use of the information website of the Register of Enterprises.

  • Free-of-charge

About service:

  • Free-of-charge, without authentication:
    • current data;
  • Free-of-charge, with authentication: 
    • current data;
    • historic data,
    • public domain documents (if for the selected legal subject there is not section “Documents” available or a specific document is missing, the information found shall be sent to e-mail address info@ur.gov.lv),
    • information about natural persons entered in the legal subjects and legal facts.

If you need to receive the data as an official statement, you must use the paid service Statement.

If public domain documents require proof of authenticity, you must use the service Copies of Documents.

If you require non-public domain documents that are not freely available, use paid services Copies of Documents.

A legal person who needs access to the information website prepares an application, which is signed with a secure electronic signature, and sends it to info@ur.gov.lv.