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Copies of document

1. Summary

Anyone can request and receive information from registers kept by the Register of Enterprises. The Register of Enterprises issues documents from the registration case and record-keeping case of the legal subject (LLC, association, political party, etc.) or legal fact (commercial pledge, contract).

The public domain documents can be obtained online from the information website of the Register of Enterprises without proof of authenticity, free of charge and immediately.

A paid service is a copy of a document with proof of authenticity – in person, by mail or email.

The non-public domain documents may be received in person, by post or e-mail upon a written justified request for such documents.

  • 3 or 5 business days

Documents for submission:

  • An information request form or a free-form application is to be submitted. Requests for non-public domain documents shall state the justification – purpose for which the requested information is to be used.vai iesniegumu brīvā formātā. Prasot nepubliskās daļas dokumentus, norāda pamatojumu - informācijas izmantošanas mērķi, kādam pieprasītā informācija tiks izmantota.
  • A receipt or its copy or a printout of the payment order from online bank or the information on the payment of the information request service