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Register of Enterprises opens Registers

From here on out, information on legal persons, including company officials, owners, beneficial owners, stored on 14 Registers of the Register of Enterprises (hereinafter - the Register) will be publicly accessible online and free of charge on the Register’s information website https://info.ur.gov.lv

The new features are possible as a result of the amendments to the Law "On the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia" adopted by the Parliament (Saeima) on 14th November 2019 (enters into force on 7th January).

“We are now opening a new page in terms of the accessibility, publicity and transparency of current and historical information - accumulated over 30 years in registers - including on natural persons who organize legal entities - officials, owners, true beneficiaries of companies and organizations. This presents a major challenge for the Registry as it will require new technical capabilities,” says Guna Paidere.

More than 650,000 subjects and facts

The public opening of the Registers will result in up-to-date and historical information on over 650,000 legal subjects (e.g. LLCs, JSCs, associations, etc.) and legal facts (e.g. commercial pledges, marriage contracts, etc.) from the commercial register, commercial pledge register, association and entity register and others (overall 14 Registers and lists).

Data quality

“The leading European business registers with already opened Registers contemplate that initially they underestimated the potential to improve data quality but in the long-run they found out that it presents many important benefits to the registers and general public as users of information. If data is available free of charge, it is viewed by more people than in a case of paid services. And the more people view data, the more errors in the data they notice. Therefore, we are preparing for more intensive work in the first months,” says Guna Paidere, the Chief State Notary of the Register of Enterprises.

If an error in the data is detected, we invite you to send information with a description of the problem to the Registry at info@ur.gov.lv.

What, where and how

From here on out, some of the information on the Register’s website will be freely accessible without authentication, some other – freely available but with authentication, and other – only pursuant to a justified request. Until now, the customers of the information website were public administrations, but now, within two months, the site has been rebuilt to accommodate different levels of authentication.

In the future, the customers will be able to obtain the following information from the Register:

  • information in online website - up-to-date information on legal entities will be available free of charge and without authentication;
  • information in online website - up-to-date data, historical data, public domain documents, and information about natural persons entered in legal subjects and legal facts will be available free of charge, but with authentication;
  • pursuant to a justified request in person or electronically - non-public domain documents, with or without anonymization, will be made available for a fee and with authentication. The fee for the service will be maintained because the above information cannot be issued automatically; it requires the content to be evaluated with due regard to the protection of the personal data.

Service descriptions, as before, will be available in the Get Information section of the Register’s website at www.ur.gov.lv.

Extended open data

Currently, the Registers are being opened making them accessible. The Register is also working on expanding the amount of information in open data format. Basic data on legal entities is already available in open data format. By the end of 2021, it is planned to expand the amount of information in the open data format, including information about true beneficiaries. The open data format is considered to be the most efficient way of processing and analyzing information across borders.

Remaining paid services

Paper and electronic certificates, certified copies of documents, data selection, network of registered liabilities will remain as paid services. There will still be fees for services in person to reduce the demand for "paper-based certificates" and encourage the use of online register entries.

No more registration certifications

Starting with January 7, the Register will no longer issue Certificates of Registration - all customers who require an official proof of existence are invited to request a statement. The Certificate of Registration has not been a mandatory document for five years, because in today's digital world, paper certification has lost its former meaning.