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European Economic Interest Grouping

European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) is an association formed on the basis of the contract of formation with an aim to facilitate the economic activity of its members. The purpose of an EEIG is not to make profit. An EEIG’s activities must relate to the economic activity of its members, the grouping may only support it. An EEIG is not a legal person.

An EEIG cannot:

  • exercise management control over its members own activities or those of any other undertaking;
  • hold shares in any of its members;
  • employ more than 500 people;
  • be used to obtain loans, to transfer the property of any undertaking, except to the extent allowed by national law of the Member States.

Members of an EEIG may be:

  • undertakings and other legal persons that are subject to public and private law and that have legal address or central administration in the EU;
  • individuals carrying on any industrial, commercial, craft or agricultural activity or providing the services of liberal professions or other services in the Community.