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Certification of signatures

1. Summary

According to the Commercial Law and other legislation, personal signatures on certain documents submitted to the Enterprise Register must have a notarial certification. The State Notary of the Enterprise Register is entitled to certify the signatures on the documents for submission to the Enterprise Register .

  • 9 EUR per signature

Conditions for the receipt of the service:

  • Signatures may only be certified for natural persons registered in the Population Register, including foreign natural person having obtained individual identity number of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Please take into account the deadline for the submission of certain information to the Enterprise Register laid down in Articles 16 and 1871 of the Commercial Law, i.e. 14 days from the date of the decision and 3 working days form the signing of the shareholders’ register.
  • Upon the certification of signatures, the Notary verifies the identity of the signatory. Therefore, please take your passport or electronic identification card with you when arriving for the certification of signatures. Foreign natural persons must present also a document issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs containing the identity number in the Republic of Latvia and legal capacity.
  • The Enterprise Register official certifying the document takes no responsibility for the content of the document.
  • Certification of signatures may be refused:
    • if the person is deprived of legal capacity;
    • if the person cannot prove his/her identity and the genuineness of the person’s intention;
    • if the State Notary does not get assurance of the identity or the genuineness of the person’s intention;
    • in case of failure to pay for the certification of signature;
    • personal identification document presented by the person is included in the Invalid Document Register;
    • person cannot be verified in the database of the Population Register or the status of the person in the database of the Population Register is “dead” or “passive”.

As an alternative to the certification of signatures by a public notary or notarial certification of signatures, the documents may be signed by a secure digital signature and a time stamp.