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Registration of a LLC (SIA) in the Commercial Register

11. Certifying the signatures

When documents are submitted in paper form, the signatures on the following documents must be certified: application form KR4, the folio of the shareholders’ register, the consent of members of the board to hold the office (unless the consent is included in the application).

Signatures may be certified by:

  • A notary public
  • The state notary of the Enterprise Register (if the person has Identity number of the Republic of Latvia)
  • The Orphan’s Court according to declared place of residence (if the person has the Identity number of the Republic of Latvia) if there is no notary public in your county, town or parish
  • Signing the documents by a secure digital signature and a time stamp. If the document is signed by several persons, it may only be submitted electronically if all signatories have a digital signature.