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Registration of a LLC (SIA) in the Commercial Register

8. Checking the address

Legal address of the company is the address used by the company for official communication. The board of the company must ensure the receipt of correspondence at the company’s legal address.

Conditions for registration of legal address:

  • Legal address must comply with an address entered in the State Address Register. Check the address free of charge in the information system of the State Address Register kadastrs.lv
  • An address may only be registered in a building or a building unit (an apartment), it may not be registered in a property consisting only of a land plot
  • If the real property consists of several building units, you must indicate an accurate number of the building unit where the legal address is being registered
  • If the real property does not belong to the signatory of the application, you must submit consent of the real property owner (a building or an apartment property) to the registration of the company’s legal address in the relevant building or the apartment property. The consent must contain the cadastre number of the real property (if the land plot and the building have different cadastre numbers, please give the cadastre number of the building), name, surname and Identity number or the name (firm name) and registration number of the owner.
  • If the real property has several joint property owners, you must submit consent of all owners or a document showing that the joint property owner has individual rights to use the relevant part of the property where the legal address is being registered.

You can also submit the consent of the real property owner regarding the legal address electronically as follows:

  1.  document signed electronically by the real property owner;
  2. electronically certified copy (scanned and signed consent of the real property owner in paper form) certified under the procedure laid down in the legislation and signed by the merchant by a secure digital signature that contains a time stamp.
Sample consent of the real property owner (LV)
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