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Registration of a LLC (SIA) in the Commercial Register

2. Checking the name

A name or a firm is the name of the company entered in the Commercial Register and used in its commercial activities, in transactions and when signing.

Conditions for the choice of name:

  • It must contain a reference to the legal form “limited liability company” (sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību) or its abbreviation “LLC” (SIA). The name is preceded or followed by the words “limited liability company” (sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību) or its abbreviation “LLC” (SIA)
  • You must use letters of Latvian or Latin alphabet
  • You can use figures
  • You can use punctuation marks (full stops, commas, colons, quotation marks, etc.)
  • You can use five characters - &, @, %, +, =, other characters are not allowed
  • Must not contain the name of the state or local government authorities (institutions), as well as the words “state” or “local government”
  • It must not contain the words “Republic of Latvia” and its translation in a foreign language
  • The name must not contain misleading information on the legal form, for example, abbreviations “JSC” (AS), “IM” (IK), etc.
  • You must not use any offensive words and ambiguous expressions (contrary to good morals)
  • If the name contains a name of an administrative territory or a place name, the firm name must not match the name of the administrative territory or the place name, and the name must include some other words, letters or figures as well
  • It must not match a trademark or its part that has already been registered. Check the trademarks registered in the Patent Office using the search option on its website.
  • It must not match the name of any entity that has already been registered or applied for registration with the Enterprise Register. The use of punctuation marks, spaces and capital and small letters is not considered a sufficient distinction from other name.

All documents for submission must contain the same name.