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Registration of a LLC (SIA) in the Commercial Register

5. Equity

Equity is cash and other assets of monetary value invested in the capital company to start and continue the business activity.


  • Equity and the nominal value of one share are expressed in the whole euro
  • The minimum equity is 2800 EUR
  • The equity is paid-up by the founders and it can be paid up by cash or property contribution
  • Prior to the submission of the application, the equity must be paid at least in the amount of 50 %.
  • The equity must be fully paid up within the time limit laid down in the memorandum of association but no later than within one year from the entry in the Commercial Register.
  • When making a cash contribution, the founders open a bank account in the name of the newly founded company, organize the deposit of cash into the bank account and obtain a statement or other document issued by the bank confirming the amount of the equity paid up before founding of the company. The bank statement or other bank document must be submitted to the Commercial Register Office
  • When making a property contribution, an appraisal report drawn up by the founders must be submitted if the maximum total value of the property contributions is EUR 5700 and the total amount of property contributions constitutes less than a half of the equity of the company, or the appraisal report is drawn up by a person included in the list of the appraisers of property contribution kept by the Enterprise Register