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Latvijas Republikas Uzņēmumu Reģistrs

Liquidation of a LLC (SIA) with no minimum capital requirement , Stage 1

1. Summary

Liquidation proceedings consist of two stages. The shareholders’ meeting takes the decision on the termination of activities and the initiation of the liquidation proceedings. The board of the company undertakes the duties of the liquidator, unless the shareholders’ meeting takes a decision to appoint other person as the liquidator. The company may appoint one or more persons as the liquidator.

  • 1-3 working days

Documents for submission:

When an entry regarding the termination of activities is made in the Commercial Register on the basis of the decision of the State Revenue Service or the Enterprise Register, or the company’s activities is terminated on the basis of a court decision, and no interested person has recommended a candidate for the office of the liquidator to the court, the person interested in the liquidation may submit an application for the appointment of the liquidator. In such case you must submit an application, the consent of the liquidator to hold the office certified by a notary or signed by a secure digital signature and a time stamp, as well as a receipt or other information on the payment of the state fee to the Treasury account.