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Equity of AS (stock company) into EURO

2. Denomination of the equity in euro

The equity is denominated by maintaining the existing proportionality between the stockholders of a company and minimising the changes of the equity. The equity of a company consists of the number of stocks multiplied by the nominal value of one stock.


  • The amount of the equity and the nominal value of one stock must be expressed in whole euro and cents (in order to divide it by 10 without a remainder).
  • The nominal value of one stock is recalculated based on the current euro exchange rate.
  • The recalculated amount is rounded down
  • A certain amount remains after the denomination of each stock of the equity; this amount is paid to the stockholders of a company in proportion to the stocks held by them or these values are transferred into the reserves of a company.
  • Only a value that cannot be expressed in new stocks at current nominal value may be transferred into the reserves or paid to the stockholders, at the same time maintaining the proportionality with respect to the stockholders.
  • As a result of the denomination, the equity may be reduced by 1.6 %; however, it is only allowed when the remaining amount cannot be used for the issue of new stocks at current nominal value of the stocks, while maintaining the proportionality of existing stockholders.

In order to convert the equity into euro, follow the steps described below or use the calculator.