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Registration of a AS (stock company) in the Commercial Register

5. Equity

Equity is cash and other assets of monetary value invested in the capital company to start and continue the business activity.


  • The amount of equity consists of the multiplication of the number of shares and the nominal value of one share.
  • The equity and the nominal value of one share can be divided by the smallest nominal value of the company’s shares and 10 cents without a remainder.
  • Minimum equity is EUR 35 000
  • The equity is paid up by the founders and it may only be paid by a cash contribution
  • The equity must be paid at least in the amount of 25 % before the submission of the application; however, the amount of the paid-up equity must no be below EUR 35000.
  • The equity must be paid within the time limit laid down in the memorandum of association but no later than within one year from the entry in the Commercial Register.
  • The founders open a bank account in the name of the newly founded company, organize the deposit of money into the bank account and receive a statement or other document issued by the bank attesting to the amount of the paid-up equity for the submission to the Commercial Register Office.